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Avatar and Doilies

I decided to list some new stuff on my etsy shop yesterday- mostly the new scarf styles that I took pictures of.  I also have some doily like things that I’m thinking of posting but I’m not sure – so I thought I’d put some of the pictures up and see what you thought.
Also, we went (and waited for 4 hours) to see Avatar last night! It was an incredibly well done movie – and I don’t mean just the effects – the message/metaphors in it were simply beautiful and powerful. There were multiple themes throughout but it wasn’t confusing or hard to follow. James Cameron really did a fantastic job with Avatar, it was even better than Titanic and well worth the 4 hour wait for IMAX. To pass the time we took pictures in the theater, so I thought I’d post some of those too.
Not sure if I should post the doilies or not – but if you haven’t seen Avatar yet, it’s definitely a must see.

New [scarf] Design

I really like being able to come up with creative ways to make things. If you ask my husband he’ll tell you that my inability or unwillingness to follow a recipe to the letter is annoying but he always loves how my food comes out. When it comes to sewing, I don’t really use patterns (except for hats), I enjoy thinking about how I’d like it to look or make it in my head and try and actually make it work with yarn and hooks. The other day, I was trying to make this hat, and it wasn’t working very well (and I was following directions, thank you) and I had an idea for a scarf….and this is what I came up with.

It’s a Tie Scarf! Because you use the loop to put the circles through as loose or tight as you like, and then they hang down in a pretty little tie form. You can also move it sideways, and it looks kinda like a necklace. I haven’t put it on etsy yet as I’d like to make some more (and I was baking yesterday and forgot to get the measurements of my scarf), but I’ll hopefully get them up this weekend.
I also changed the layout/style of the blog for something new.


I re-learned how to crochet a granny-square flower a few days ago, and made a video for my mom and thought I’d share it. I had issues editing/exporting/finding it so, the embed is just the raw footage…

You can also click the link and go to my vimeo channel, I made a one minute ending there too (called Finish) – showing the completed project.


choosetell_fairytalesOften times I find myself feeling like a little kid overwhelmed in a great big world – I don’t think my height helps. I realized lately that more often than not I’ve been living in fear. It’s paralyzing, it’s cowardly, and it’s no fun to live in. I’ve had it with living in fear of what people will think of my thoughts, opinions, and decisions.
Oddly enough, I’ve been living the way I absolutely hate, caged up and ineffective because I’m too scared to be seen as who I really am, to be unaccepted. This isn’t anything new either, I’ve had to cross this bridge time and time again for different reasons and different decisions – yet this time, it’s all me. I’ve been to scared to simply stand up for myself and do anything really – I put on this front that really isn’t me…it’s just the scared appeasing version of myself. I’m a people pleaser, but there are people I just can’t please and it’s time for me to get over it and move on. Again.
I’m very blessed that I have a husband who is there to listen, love, accept, understand and help me in this process…actually, he’s the one who made me realize that I could change it. I love him for that – he’s always been that way, he takes my problems and shows me that I can actually fix them.  As far as I’m concerned – as long as I can please God and my husband, I’m good – and I know that I can do that.
(I love you Alex!)