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I never really spent a whole bunch of time primping, but now I actually care about how I look. It may sound frivolous, but I don’t believe that there is anything wrong with wanting to feel pretty (and make your husband happy) and taking time to actually try things out.
So this year, as superficial as this may sound, my goal is to actually spend some time on myself (my hair mostly) and see what styles work for me (besides the ponytail look I’ve been running with for 10 years). Anyway, my picture today is a mix of what my bathroom sink/counter tends to look like when I play with makeup and what it would look like if I had a vanity (or a mirror that was closer to my height – colors altered, of course).


Sometimes it’s easy to forget that for every username, email address, and facebook account there’s a real person behind it (unless it’s a spam-bot). So, to commemorate that, I drew a collage of people and a causes ribbon (with all the different cause colors in one, or all I could remember anyway).  Also, note the tin hat guy.

False Sense

For years growing up I would visualize putting myself or my feelings behind an iron shell and protecting myself from the outside world and the pain that comes with it. I’ve since realized that this false sense of protection did more harm than good. I learned that you can’t close out the world and live without pain, it’s impossible. This imaginary box wasn’t really protecting me from anything, just creating a barrier between myself and life.

Landscape {with deer}

I decided to do a landscape today – I usually make them on the back of place-mats in restaurants. I don’t know why I think that the back of place-mats are good places to draw a landscape, but I always seem to. Anyway, here’s my non-place-mat landscape with deer (instead of horses).