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This week in pictures and life

I know I’ve been slacking off a bit lately with Thanksgiving and such, so I thought I’d post an update with pictures! I decorated for Christmas, turned the office into my work space, and made a hat and scarf set for etsy! It’s actually for real people, and fits an adult, […]


I hope everyone had as great of a thanksgiving as I did. We went up to my in-laws and I brought Zucchini bread and chocolate cream pie for dessert. We chatted with friends and drank sparkling cider and went around the table and shared what we were thankful for. Looking back, […]


I recently launched a fan page for my etsy store, so if you’ve been there and like what you see, make sure you check it out and become a fan! Also, my sister in-law featured my article on The Box on her review site, the pickled wookiee.

The Box :: Thoughts

[dailymotion id=xa1bks]
The Box…is actually a movie about a button, and quite frankly, it pushed mine. Though, it did so much more than that – it was deeply moving, and while unappreciated by myself, I left the theater unable to stop thinking about it and how it affected me. The subtleties and metaphors were not only well used, but very effective.


I re-learned how to crochet a granny-square flower a few days ago, and made a video for my mom and thought I’d share it. I had issues editing/exporting/finding it so, the embed is just the raw footage… You can also click the link and go to my vimeo channel, I made […]


Just a note to say I’ve officially been accepted into Regent University and I start taking classes in January. I’m very excited and can’t wait to start – I’ve always liked school and I think I’ll really enjoy the classes, I just need to get used to the online system (that […]


I’ve joined with hundreds of people selling things on Etsy today. I’ve been sewing and preparing things to put up for a while,  and today I officially launched. I have three items up there right now, but I’ll be making more in the days and weeks to come. In the mean […]


Often times I find myself feeling like a little kid overwhelmed in a great big world – I don’t think my height helps. I realized lately that more often than not I’ve been living in fear. It’s paralyzing, it’s cowardly, and it’s no fun to live in. I’ve had it with […]


Every year I wear the same costume – a colonial dress my grandma and I made from a Felicity pattern about 4 years ago. I love the squared neckline and the lace accents and the blue flowered material, I almost feel like I’ve stepped back in time (except not really, because […]