So I Moved to Berlin and Started Making Videos About It

It’s been an ordeal that I’ve been too tired to write about outside of Twitter and my patreon, but I’ve been making videos every week so check them out and don’t forget to subscribe!

This week I’m going to see a doctor to try to get my prescriptions filled. Most importantly, my ritalin because that’s the one I have about a week left of (and the one I didn’t manage to refill before running out of US health insurance) so I’ve been rationing and it hasn’t been great.

My fibro has been flaring because that’s what happens when you move across the planet in winter and the place you move to has not legalized the thing that is 1/3rd of your pain management for recreational use (unlike CA and WA). So I’m also hoping that this doctor will be sympathetic to my chronic pain and write a script for medical marijuana because I would really prefer to stick to the plant that doesn’t have as intense adverse side effects over adding more intense pain meds (but I will take those if that is my only other option). We’ll see though, because despite apparently everyone smoking (tobacco) in Berlin, there’s a weird stigma associated with…….the plant that has actual medicinal properties. It baffles me. Lots of Germany does.

I’m sure I’ll fall in love with it eventually, probably when the cold doesn’t wrap itself around my joints and make me too exhausted to leave the 4th floor walk up we’re staying at temporarily.

When I’ve managed to get out I’ve seen some cool places. Berlin is really pretty, I’m excited to experience the spring. Please enjoy a small selection of the photos:

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