I was going to do micro blogs after school or whatever but ran into trouble on my phone, but then I realized, I still have a few minutes before my night class and I’m in the library waiting for my second wind and wishing I had coffee, and I might as well write a thing.
We got our first essay assignment for English and it’s about an event that changed you. I have so many stories, but not enough emotional energy or stamina to tell them over and again. Most of them I’ve already written about here anyway, so I’m going to talk about art for 2-4 double spaced pages, and about being queer and try to avoid the more traumatic aspects of my life. Because as good as it is to talk about, sometimes it really is a bit much…for me.
I’ve been staying on campus most days to get my homework done because I’m already in a zone here and doing it at home is so much harder. I’m applying for a student leadership position on the communications board which is basically where all the tech stuff happens and I’m really hoping I get in because I feel like there are a lot of really good things I could do there, and the more time I spend on campus the more excited I am about my school and making it better. For instance, we have one, maybe two, gender neutral bathrooms on campus, and it’s great – but I’d like to see more of them, because I don’t want to have to walk to the building in the middle of campus just to use the bathroom that doesn’t misgender me. I need to pee. 😛
And math! I can hold algebra and geometry in my head magically and I’m good at them and it feels amazing.
Speaking of, I should head up to that, and get the last 10 signatures I need, and then do math, and then go home and crash or caffeinate.







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