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The first quarter of sort of college is almost over, and I feel like I’ve fallen into a rut of sleep – school – sleep and like I’m not getting anything much done (besides school, which totally counts). So last night I wrote down some of my priorities, to help focus and get out of said rut. Whether or not that will actually work, we’ve yet to see, because I still feel like living under the blankets until class and then going back to bed. Although I did manage to flesh out the design for my next tattoo last night, so that was something.IMG_0021

I’m hoping I can crank out some comics for E.R.A. over the two week break between quarters so I can get back into that, hoping to also finish the js course on code academy and start on making a crawler. I also need to take the english placement test to see if I can start at college level english next quarter, and get some more canvasses so I can finish the series to submit to the Gender Odyssey conference this fall.

My school is paying for me to go to a LGBTQ summit for college students at the end of the month so maybe I’ll do something with my hair before that too.

What I really need to do is break things down into bite-sized chunks for the daytime hours, but I haven’t had the energy to do that yet. Right now weekends are my making stuff time – The Sims4 Series, and hopefully drawing and programming…but I really should work some of those into week days.

Right now I feel kind of like, I know generally what I want to do with my life, but I’m not sure how to do all of it. It’s a bit overwhelming and I think maybe that’s why my body is set on knocking me out until class and then crashing again. So many options, my school alone has so many things going on that it’s super overwhelming and I think maybe I just need to loosen my grip a little and see where it takes me.

Oh, and my birthday happened! I was in San Francisco for it and it was lovely.

So far, 25 has been emotionally intense, but good, I think. So many plans, and ideas, and things that I can’t quite make tangible yet…and a lot of creative energy that I don’t have the physical energy to express.

I’ll get there.

3 thoughts on “My Life On Paper”

  1. This is really wonderful and Happy late bday!!! Congrats on college too! At 25, going to college married friends is other life things, it’s normal to have sooooo much going on and I know that some of what you’re saying feels so overwhelming & probably not normal. It sounds like you’re very self aware which is great to have and you’ve got some plans and you’re moving forward which I think is the most important. So maybe it feels like a rut but in the scheme of things the bigger picture you’re moving & moving forward. Having a pace you feel good & in control is important too which it seems you’re well aware of and like you said you’ll get there. It’s good to hear that positivity from you!! Hi to A. I’m not on fb anymore just so you know. Sorry I didn’t pre inform you. Didn’t do that with anyone. I figured we’d somehow re connect. Awesome great job!!

  2. Good luck on getting all your goals done! I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed too these days. But I’ve been writing down my goals as well, and that seems to be helping!

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