Thing I'm Gonna Try

So the last three weeks have been getting ready for my spouse to leave and then dealing with my spouse being gone, and that was very hard. I don’t like sleeping alone. Anyway. picked up spouse from the airport yesterday and suddenly ALL my energy and focus came rushing back.
I realized that I am doing exactly what I want to be doing with my life (and pursuing opportunities to continue that). Art and Programming are both necessary for my happiness and I want to get better at both of them (also I shouldn’t feel guilty about focusing on being good at both of them, either, because I can). So I came up with a thing to try for a while to see what happens and if I can maybe eke (eeeeek!) out a little progress again.
MWF = drawing days: Fairy Porn, E.R.A., Bitch Goddess
Tues/Thurs = Treehouse Days: WordPress on Tuesday and Ruby on Thursday, so I can actually start making progress on all the things again and have a break from WordPress so I don’t just cry out of frustration for several months because of PHP. Not that it was a thing that happened or anything (okay it was).
I’m going to attempt to do recaps of programming days and mayyyybe see if I can set up a way to screencap or stream some drawings so other places like youtube will be updated. Not sure, we’ll see. If all goes well, new things’ll happen again now that I’m not entirely focused on distracting myself from utter loneliness.
Also, I ordered myself pieces for a fairy costume so I can go to the Short Run thing on Halloween. 😀






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