Behind again

Yes because Destiny. We’ve been working on this fucking raid ALL FUCKING WEEK, with one rest day, so yeah, 4 pomes. Here you go.
hums of electricity running
blue light of an LED screen
comforting non-silence mistaken for quiet
all of a sudden it’s gone
true silence is eerie
no steady whirrs to comfort you
no sound of wildlife from inside the dark room
just the sound of your soft quiet breath
willing itself to be louder
to combat the suffocating silence
there was a man in my car as I was walking towards it
adjusting the seat and reaching for the wheel
I blinked for a second
and then he was gone
my car was locked and empty and parked where I left it
I shuddered, got in and drove
cat is curled and purring
trying to sleep and annoyed at the screen
vying for my attention
to be present and pet him
but my shelter is almost complete
the steady drip of the water in the fish tank
lulls me off to sleep
the eventide is my day
I come alive with the light of the moon
and tire with the dawn of the sun






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