Agent of the Nine (poems)

So, I was supposed to be writing poems, but then the Destiny expansion came out and guess what I’ve been doing instead?
So, to make up for the lack of dailies, I’m writing 9 poems here, now, about Destiny. And then I’m going back into leveling that fucking light so I can kill Oryx FOR REAL THIS TIME.
Is Xur in a box?
Is Xur near the clocks?
Xur could be here or there
in the Tower or the Reef
Xur could be with Petra, or Eris, or the Speaker
Xur is always in a crowd
Xur is always in a shroud
Xur is betentacled by the door near the Speaker.
The Darkness grows
says Eris Morn
Goodnight, little light
tucked in my backpack
always by my side
acting as my guide
warning me of fallen attacks
Shiny glowy machines
transforming planets and altering the fabric of time
some of them can eliminate you from existence with a look
probably best not to get too close
Born of Darkness and enemies of Light
They are death incarnate
feasting on that which is used to decompose
Their skin is bone and blood is dirt
screaming as their deathsong advances
It’s up to you, now, Guardian
They told me shortly after I woke from the grave
well, car….
I was revived, apparently
a ghost is my friend
and suddenly the world is shorn
fighting evils I’ve never seen or imagined
and it’s all up to me, now
They’re 800 pounds and destroy worlds just for getting in their way
What am I doing here again?
Thud, Thomp, Stomp
I’m flying across the map
So many arms. WHY?
Arms and grunts and vanishing tricks
cool hair, though
Today, we make our own Destiny.
Today we face the forces of Darkness and make it surrender to our Light.
Today, once more, we can survive
and for a short time, all is well and we can thrive once more.






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