Theme Change Makes Me Feel More Bloggy

All I’ve wanted to do all week is work on a variety of programming projects, and as a result I haven’t touched any of them, and I’m too tired right now to start (3am != programming start time).
Anyway, the couple that are vying for attention right now are my Ruby on Rails + Comic site app with WordPress/ComicPress import capability.
A Ruby on Rails app that gives me badges for doing things and I can also somehow share it…
A game. I don’t know what, or how……but I really want to be part of Antholojam but I have NO IDEA WHAT TO MAKE.
I could learn how to write it easily enough, if I knew what I wanted to make and what I wanted the story to be. But I don’t.
Problem being, between all of my other projects, I haven’t had time and have been too tired to work on all my new ones. I haven’t updated E.R.A. in over a month and I’ve only made two fairy porns…..
I’m ahead and behind and exhausted and antsy.
Oh and the current theme is Casper, which was originally created for the Ghost platform, which is what is running on.


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