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Cryptic nuggets

I should do so many things. I should write more about sexism and gaming. I should make that ruby app I’ve been planning. I should reboot KieryGeek. I should be better at marketing my patreons. I should be brave and find my voice and use it. I should be more friendly. […]

GamerGate, Feminism, and Me

I’ve had a really hard time motivating myself to get back into video making, and talking about games. Some of it is imposter syndrome, some of it is not feeling good enough, a lot of it is feeling unnerved because it’s dangerous to exist as a human with boobs on the […]

And then there was that time

When I was barely 14, struggling to grasp algebra or pre-algebra and my mom lost her shit and threw the book at me in a screaming tirade. Math has always been a sore spot, involving many many tears, but none so terrifying as that day. It was a heavy textbook. It […]