Nerd-Flu and PAX East: The Lines

So I’m home. Yesterday I was completely exhausted and had a sore throat, today I’m still currently nyquil induced which is hindering my cold status updates, but a little cold is a small price to pay for the amount of AWESOME that took place over the weekend.
I walked ALL THE STEPS, stood in ALL THE LINES (okay 4) and had so much fun! I saw the Future of D&D Panel and the Dungeon Master’s panel with Chris Perkins, listened to a talk about sound design in gaming (and everything else), went to the Gearbox panel and got a box, watched the Penny Arcade Q&A which was awesome and hilarious, went to the Friday night concerts, ate some cookies, ate lots of con food, attempted to walk the Expo floor on Friday which mostly consisted of me not being able to see much, saw it all on Sunday with less people. Acquired a me-sized bag, some Penny Arcade loot including the BEST scarf I own, got some pins, tested Neverwinter (SO EXCITED ABOUT IT), took all the pictures, followed the cosplayers, and sat on the floor. But now, for the pictures.

Only had Friday and Sunday tickets, so we spent Saturday exploring Boston. We went to eat at a little hole in the wall place called Coda that served breakfast until 3, which was *awesome*. Went to the movies, and the theater had an escalator in it like that Portlandia sketch, Prudential Center was a discovery last time we were there, and it sort of became our base – it’s warm, big, you can walk over streets, we hung out there for a while – also the Cheesecake factory is there, and we discovered avocado eggrolls(!!!!).


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