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Yesterday, the second website I created (and now, manage) went live! I made it for a local non-profit I worked with over Christmas last year (and hope to continue to work there in the winter, because it’s the best job ever) called Bruce Roberts Toy Fund. Check it out at! […]

I love you, internet

The world just became a better place. It’s 2012 and the internet is awesome. I love you, internet! Geek and Sundry just launched a forum. Nerdist and G&S on youtube have more awesome shows. Twitter exploded with happiness.

The Outbreak (part 5)

Apologies for the length of time between this installation and the last one. Life and vacation happened and I ran out of words. I finally managed to put a few together this morning because I just needed to write. Hopefully I’ll break down this block and write more frequently again, thanks […]

Vacation Photos

I’m just going to post a lot of pictures in a slideshow form because….it’s prettier. You can see my art journal entries on flickr¬†– excuse the poor lighting, I took them all at night when I got home… [portfolio_slideshow¬†slideheight=300]


Back from vacation! Had a wonderful time at the coast, drew a lot in my journal and generally relaxed. I got better at drawing dragons and I took a lot of pictures – even brought home a seagull feather for my art journal, and everyone thought that was crazy. I like […]