Going Dark

Going dark (as you can tell with the theme) for net neutrality. If you haven’t been following SOPA/PIPA and don’t know what it is (or why it’s bad) and have been seeing stuff about it everywhere – the vote is on the 24th, and this video helps explain everything.

I’ve changed all of my twitter and FB pictures (and my WP theme) and sent emails to my congress people via the ECA to spread the word about something that if passed, could be detrimental to (my and other small businesses) and the web as we know it.
So, watch the video, and take two minutes to attach your name and zipcode to the thoughtful and detailed letter the ECA put together to send to your congress people and tell them to leave the internet alone.





  1. frogla Avatar

    wow! i had no idea this was happening! scary the control. thanks for the awareness!

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