I'm back!

The reason I haven’t updated my blog in…ages, is because I was a actually on vacation and we just got back on Saturday. We stayed a week in a cottage on the coast and I came back with a notebook and a book on watercolor tips and color values and stuff, so I can work on that. I’m going to use the notebook as an art journal. I’ve wanted one for a while, but didn’t have anything that would hold paint, I tried it out on vacation just to see and it worked wonderfully.
This week I’m going to look into joining the local artists association and start journaling and doing some more research, and a bit more writing.
This morning, I woke up and found out that I’d sold my Eye of Jupiter painting! I’m so excited. I ordered some photo sleeves that should get here in two days so I can ship that out. I looked all over last month to find some and couldn’t find any locally, and none that looked appealing online until today, so I’m really excited about that.
Anyway, that’s the update I guess, I’ll leave you with this video Alex made from the part of vacation where we were on a boat.






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