I’ve spent quite a bit of time over the last week dreaming. Imagining what I would do if money weren’t a factor, if I could do and be and have anything and everything I wanted – what would I do that would be amazing and satisfying and that I would love to spend years of my life doing? It sort of came down to a number of things (I like to have variety).
I would have an *amazing* two story house near the coast somewhere – with  a (heated) pool and two living rooms (that way we can work in one, and have to go up and down stairs), and a secret closet entrance to my studio, and somewhere on the property we would have a soundstage and an area that’s painted green (or even a room in the house that’s green). One of the living rooms would be long enough that there’s 10ft of playing space for the kinect, and we could move the couch back/forth as we wanted to. It’d be open, I guess – and there would be some kind of surround sound system, and a coffee table.
I’d have a ton of room to paint, and we’d have plenty of room to film or host film shoots (if people needed to rent out a soundstage or something). There would be additional bedrooms so people could come over and have a room that wasn’t also an office/studio/where-the-litter-box-is – and I would theme them. One would probably have black accents, and the other white accents. Maybe purple/black and turquoise/white. I would have a canopy-like thing somewhere. Or maybe just like a curtain thing over/beside/in front of a bed. There would be more than one bathroom – and the master bath would have some kind of whirlpool or jacuzzi tup and a two-person shower…and TWO SINKS, and enough room to use the counter without knocking things over. Also, I would bring in Central AC because Maine is weird and doesn’t believe in the idea. Maybe we’d have an editing room too…that might be cool.
Alex would do whatever he wanted – coding/film/etc and he would have a desk in his work-livingroom if he wanted.
I would paint, and start an art boutique (more on that in a later post). We’d be doing lots of film on the side, and at night we’d play video games and watch TV and go on walks. I would have a nice smelling plant outside my studio window so at night I could smell it when the windows were open. Maybe a night-blooming jasmine or something.
I’d also take up sewing again, for altering/costuming purposes. I’m not super-amazing, but I do like to dabble in it, I’d probably buy a Singer because my Brother machine sort of bit the dust and I don’t think it’s worth it to fix it when I could just buy a better one for a little more than what I paid for the first. I could make a table cloth too.
I’d learn how to make things with wood and power tools and get over my fear of hurting myself. I’d live without holding back.
I’d have a TARDIS Blue car.
…They say daydreaming is essential to creativity, and the more I think about it, the more I realize that it is. The ability to imagine a world different than the reality that you’re in is vital. Along with that, it’s entirely possible. Maybe it won’t be exactly like I imagine, in fact I doubt that it will, but thinking about it, makes tiny steps and ideas that once seemed far off and distant, doable. Maybe I won’t have a house with a soundstage anytime soon – but I can learn to play with wood, I can buy a sewing machine, we can keep making films and getting involved with the local film groups.






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