Apartment Therapy

So, apparently, my creativity has decided to channel itself into working on my apartment. Yesterday I tackled my office, and today, I started cleaning, and then started organizing my kitchen (after getting all the boxes ready to go to the recycling centre). The issue with my kitchen has always been where to put things – I don’t have much space, so whatever doesn’t fit in the cabinets or on the counter usually ends up on our Wobbly Table. Which means, that we pretty much *never* actually eat at the table. Which is sad, because I *like* to eat at the table. Sometime while I was cleaning I had the brilliant idea of moving all the boxes that were on the table, and the blender onto the picture window behind it with the cookbooks. The toaster has a *ridiculously* short cord, so that and my little Coke pan is staying on the table with the tea set. Still, there’s much more room than there was before, so win.

And, to top that off, I’m completely rid of cardboard in one room. I’m hoping to grab the cardboard box we’ve been using to hold things with cords in the living room out tomorrow too. Then, it’ll just be the bedroom and the box of magazines.


I set out the hamburger, so I think I’ll semi-surprise Alex with dinner around 6 something. Work has been long this week, so I think he’ll like that. And then, I think we’re going to see the Green Lantern, and hope it’s better than the Green Hornet.

In the meantime, I think I’m going to go paint a musing (or take a nap….).





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