Lobster Recap

What a week! Everyone was exhausted yet, very pleased by the end of the film days. Alex and I  were working as Production Assistants which basically means we did a lot of legwork and  running around to help things keep running smoothly. Over the last few months we’d been  working on coordinating donations, mapping locations, picking up equipment, and other  random details, so that everything was lined up the week of. It was beautiful to see how  everything came together, even when the unexpected happened. The cast and the rest of the crew  are probably the most fun, amazing, diverse (and crazy) group of people we’ve ever met and had  the pleasure of working with (and would totally do it again).

Some things I learned:
– Flexibility is good, especially when things don’t line up with your plans (Wednesday was a very  fun, very unexpected day)
– Donations are great
– Make sure you have some form of sugar available
– Be prepared to be in the car more than on set
– Be okay with lots of driving (Thankfully Alex and I were able to switch off)
– Note, you will probably get a workout (carrying heavy lighting equipment as well as returning heavy platters)
– Sunblock never hurt anyone
– Get to bed early, or be ready for long days
– Have fun 🙂






  1. frogla Avatar

    someday y’all are going to be famous & I can say hey I know those guys!

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