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Style Experiment

I’ve been working on thinking a little bit more about how I look. So today, I grabbed a green sweater because we were going out. I don’t usually do sweaters, but it’s ridiculously cold this weekend and I needed layers. Anyway, I put it on over a button down – also […]

A new line

The first announcement I have to make today, is an introduction to a new line of scarves – fantasy inspired! I finished the first one of the series and thought I would post it here to show you! The Queen of Hearts Scarf!

New Ideas

I’ve been kinda busy lately – slacking off on drawing and writing and tweeting. Some of which is due to my entrance into the world of online gaming *halo* – but more importantly, it’s due to two new ideas and projects that I’ve been working on. Both of them, will be […]


I didn’t really know what I was going to draw today, and I just randomly started drawing a path of stars….and it turned into this: I didn’t even realize it looked kind of like an S until I took a picture of it (though it’s backwards because of my isight camera […]

Dreary Snow Day

Today is a dreary, yet picture-esque snow day. There’s a strand of a sunsetting sky in the horizon under a shadow of grey clouds. I’d take a picture, but the view from my office window wouldn’t transfer over right. Still, it’s a nice change from this morning’s blanket of grey and […]

For My Sisters

This series of drawings were inspired by my 12 and 10 year old sisters who *really* like camp rock. I used my wacom tablet and the Acorn program this time (because I just realized I could…O:) ) – so the lighting is much better. 😉