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Style Experiment

I’ve been working on thinking a little bit more about how I look. So today, I grabbed a green sweater because we were going out. I don’t usually do sweaters, but it’s ridiculously cold this weekend and I needed layers. Anyway, I put it on over a button down – also not something I usually do (I don’t think I can pull off the preppy look). I realized that I wouldn’t look overly great if I didn’t balance it out somehow. Β The solution? light makeup, something creative with my hair, and accent pieces.
I put my own twist on a hair style that Christa Taylor recently posted about, and turned the braid into a pony tail (my husband’s favorite). I accented the green and blues with some jade earrings and a blue and green necklace and then applied some eyeshadow with a blueish tint (barely noticeable), mascara, and some lipstick.
I think it turned out pretty decent. I definitely would have felt comfortable going out in it (but our car froze and didn’t want to start :P). So this was my fashion adventure of the week, I think it worked out pretty well. πŸ™‚

New Ideas

I’ve been kinda busy lately – slacking off on drawing and writing and tweeting. Some of which is due to my entrance into the world of online gaming *halo* – but more importantly, it’s due to two new ideas and projects that I’ve been working on. Both of them, will be launching on Tuesday, yes, that’s two days from now. So if you’re interested, watch my fan page for details and check back here on Tuesday for the big announcement. πŸ˜€


I didn’t really know what I was going to draw today, and I just randomly started drawing a path of stars….and it turned into this:

Photo on 2010-01-22 at 18.00 #7

I didn’t even realize it looked kind of like an S until I took a picture of it (though it’s backwards because of my isight camera – and I drew it horizontally as opposed to vertically.

Dreary Snow Day

Today is a dreary, yet picture-esque snow day. There’s a strand of a sunsetting sky in the horizon under a shadow of grey clouds. I’d take a picture, but the view from my office window wouldn’t transfer over right. Still, it’s a nice change from this morning’s blanket of grey and white snowfall – it’s like living in grayscale. Anyway, after taking the weekend off from drawing (bad, bad, kiery) I decided to create a glimpse of all the white and snow covered trees.

For My Sisters

This series of drawings were inspired by my 12 and 10 year old sisters who *really* like camp rock. I used my wacom tablet and the Acorn program this time (because I just realized I could…O:) ) – so the lighting is much better. πŸ˜‰

Sing rockstar - for my sisters. (drawn on my wacom tablet using Acorn for interested people) drums