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Retro Nightclub

In anticipation of the new year (and possible a new-yearsy post to come) I created a fantasy night club/lounge. Kinda retro 50’s/20’s era with live music and a random disco ball. See more on flickr.

Winter Melt

Drawing 2 Originally uploaded by AmericanPatriot (Using the sweet “blog this” Flickr feature, it works really well) We’re anticipating a 3 day snowstorm this weekend, so I thought I’d fantasize about winter starting to melt instead. The lighting was off, it looks much whiter and more…almost melting in real life.

Art Challenge

I was venting to my husband the other day about needing a break from crocheting and we ended up talking about drawing/painting. I’ve always loved to draw and paint, I’m not the best at it, but I like it and it’s fun and relaxing. Not having any paints, brushes, or canvass […]

Why I don't boycott

There are alot of different people and organizations who are nuts about boycotting business like Ford, Walmart, and recently Build-A-Bear. I know all the people who boycott are making personal decisions and feel very adamantly about them and that’s awesome. I however, just happen to be of the odd crop that […]

Avatar :: Thoughts

Avatar is a movie my husband and I have been waiting to see since the first trailer came our over the summer. We actually went down to the nearest IMAX to watch the 15 minute preview in July…which only made us more excited to see it opening night. We wanted to get the 6:30 show, but it was sold out (we’d gotten there an hour early) and the next IMAX showing was going fast so we got our tickets for the 9:40 showing (yes, a 4 hour wait) and as the time grew near we were just hoping it was going to be worth it.
It was. While this movie is based entirely on planets, people (navi), and technology that doesn’t even exist, it still had a very realistic feel to it. The characters’ struggles…

Avatar and Doilies

I decided to list some new stuff on my etsy shop yesterday- mostly the new scarf styles that I took pictures of.  I also have some doily like things that I’m thinking of posting but I’m not sure – so I thought I’d put some of the pictures up and see […]

New [scarf] Design

I really like being able to come up with creative ways to make things. If you ask my husband he’ll tell you that my inability or unwillingness to follow a recipe to the letter is annoying but he always loves how my food comes out. When it comes to sewing, I […]

random little newsy post

I don’t usually do these little taggy things, but it was kinda fitting, and seemed fun, so thanks Julia. 😀 1. Six names that you go by: Kiery, Kierydeary, KP, Peanut, Baby, Kierstyn Girl 2. Three things that you are wearing right now: Pink capris with clovers and pink sparkly pooh […]