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Art Challenge

I was venting to my husband the other day about needing a break from crocheting and we ended up talking about drawing/painting. I’ve always loved to draw and paint, I’m not the best at it, but I like it and it’s fun and relaxing. Not having any paints, brushes, or canvass on hand, he cleverly suggested I draw one thing a day, just for fun and work my way up to painting (i.e. when we actually can get paints…). Anyway, I decided that it sounded fun and would give me a break and something to post about for the next month. So I’m going to try it, and do one drawing a day from now till February and post them here. 🙂
This is what I drew today – it’s a much cleaner version of the view from my kitchen table (colors vary).

Why I don't boycott

There are alot of different people and organizations who are nuts about boycotting business like Ford, Walmart, and recently Build-A-Bear. I know all the people who boycott are making personal decisions and feel very adamantly about them and that’s awesome.
I however, just happen to be of the odd crop that while I may not agree with decisions random executives make, I don’t have any desire to stop buying products from companies that I like. Mainly because in most cases, if I stopped buying from a large corporation to protest against them, they would never get the message just because of the scale of their business. With the case of Build-A-Bear, I really don’t care enough to boycott a line of products that I really like because of a random climate change game on their website. Regarding Ford and Walmart and the idea that our money goes to fund organizations and stuff, I think the money we spend on products probably goes more towards salary and production costs than funding organizations.
I guess another major reason I don’t boycott is because for a long time I kept getting emails from a boycott happy association and it really turned me off.

Avatar :: Thoughts

Avatar is a movie my husband and I have been waiting to see since the first trailer came our over the summer. We actually went down to the nearest IMAX to watch the 15 minute preview in July…which only made us more excited to see it opening night. We wanted to get the 6:30 show, but it was sold out (we’d gotten there an hour early) and the next IMAX showing was going fast so we got our tickets for the 9:40 showing (yes, a 4 hour wait) and as the time grew near we were just hoping it was going to be worth it.
It was. While this movie is based entirely on planets, people (navi), and technology that doesn’t even exist, it still had a very realistic feel to it. The characters’ struggles and relationships and dilemmas were something we could all relate to in one way or another – keeping us engaged and connected to them, especially the navi (the blue people).  Cameron encompassed so many themes throughout this movie that I think anyone who’s seen is has gotten something different out of it. The human/navi struggle is not unlike the struggle many civilizations have dealt with throughout history and still do.
On a personal level we deal with how to relate to people who happen to be different than we are – sometimes relations are good, sometimes it’s romance, and sometimes we don’t get along at all. Often times, these relationships cross paths and affect individuals as well as groups and the question is how to handle it. Avatar took that universal problem and portrayed it openly – it’s a struggle we all identify with, whether we agree with the decisions of the characters or not – it shows that there is a cost to the choices you make, both good and bad. Every action has consequences and James Cameron did a fantastic job showing that in a very real, yet subtle way.
Avatar also makes you ponder the decisions of people in power and brings to mind the fact that people are still people regardless of differences. Just because one person is a blue Navi, doesn’t mean they are any less of a person than we are – resonating perhaps with slavery in the 1800’s? While it’s no longer practiced in the western world, there are similar issues facing us – things that make us think of people or children as less human, when they have as much intrinsic value and as much of a right to be alive as the most powerful among us.
There were many metaphors and themes that were left up to interpretation based on the individual – some people started wondering about rain forests, some about life, others about struggles of civilizations and history.  Avatar is a movie that resonates deeply with people because it excellently portrays common human struggles and decisions that we all have to face. I hope this stays in theaters for a long time because it’s beautifully done. If you haven’t seen it yet, you really should.

Avatar and Doilies

I decided to list some new stuff on my etsy shop yesterday- mostly the new scarf styles that I took pictures of.  I also have some doily like things that I’m thinking of posting but I’m not sure – so I thought I’d put some of the pictures up and see what you thought.
Also, we went (and waited for 4 hours) to see Avatar last night! It was an incredibly well done movie – and I don’t mean just the effects – the message/metaphors in it were simply beautiful and powerful. There were multiple themes throughout but it wasn’t confusing or hard to follow. James Cameron really did a fantastic job with Avatar, it was even better than Titanic and well worth the 4 hour wait for IMAX. To pass the time we took pictures in the theater, so I thought I’d post some of those too.
Not sure if I should post the doilies or not – but if you haven’t seen Avatar yet, it’s definitely a must see.

New [scarf] Design

I really like being able to come up with creative ways to make things. If you ask my husband he’ll tell you that my inability or unwillingness to follow a recipe to the letter is annoying but he always loves how my food comes out. When it comes to sewing, I don’t really use patterns (except for hats), I enjoy thinking about how I’d like it to look or make it in my head and try and actually make it work with yarn and hooks. The other day, I was trying to make this hat, and it wasn’t working very well (and I was following directions, thank you) and I had an idea for a scarf….and this is what I came up with.

It’s a Tie Scarf! Because you use the loop to put the circles through as loose or tight as you like, and then they hang down in a pretty little tie form. You can also move it sideways, and it looks kinda like a necklace. I haven’t put it on etsy yet as I’d like to make some more (and I was baking yesterday and forgot to get the measurements of my scarf), but I’ll hopefully get them up this weekend.
I also changed the layout/style of the blog for something new.

random little newsy post

I don’t usually do these little taggy things, but it was kinda fitting, and seemed fun, so thanks Julia. 😀
1. Six names that you go by: Kiery, Kierydeary, KP, Peanut, Baby, Kierstyn Girl
2. Three things that you are wearing right now: Pink capris with clovers and pink sparkly pooh bear shirt…
3. Three things that you want very badly right now: A Christmas Tree, Gingerbread cookies, and chocolate…
4. Three things that you did yesterday: Unpacked, went grocery shopping, and took a nap and then stayed up till 3….
5. Two things that you did today: Almost finished Christmas shopping and made chicken ceasar salad for lunch.
6. Two things that you ate today: Pizza and chicken ceasar salad.
7. Two people that you last talked to on the phone: um… brother and my grandma or my mom…
8. Two things that you are going to do today/tomorrow: laundry and hopefully start crocheting again
9. Your three favorite beverages: Shirley Temples, Cream Soda, and Tazo (Starbucks) tea
In other news, I created a new scarf design last week and made one for myself, my sister, my cousin, and one for etsy. I haven’t put any pictures up yet as we just got back from a weekend visiting my family. It was nice to see my siblings again and catch up with friends while we were in town…and sleep on a *real* mattress (not air bed). But I’m glad to be home.