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The Outbreak (2)

“It appears that the case containing a weaponized smallpox virus is missing” stated the man, as calmly as possible to the room of colorless faces. Fear-struck questions filled the air before he’d finished speaking. Sighing, he sunk into a chair and waited for the crowd to calm down before continuing.

The Chem lab on campus was closed for vacation, but Amy had her own setup in the basement of her parents house. She went to her car, carefully placing the case so as not to disturb the contents and started driving towards her home on the other side of town. She passed familiar landmarks and parks full of school children, like she did every day as a commuter. Her neck slowly began to itch before she was halfway home. Shrugging it off as mosquito, she stayed calm – as the itching slowly spread across her shoulders and to her arms she began to worry. So close to home, Amy continued until she parked in her driveway. Only then did she look down and notice she was covered in pox. Realizing that this was more than just a bad reaction to a mosquito, she grabbed the box and ran to the basement – whatever she contracted had to have been from inside the box; if she could figure out what it was, she probably had the right antibiotics to combat it.
Covering the case with her jacket- she barely made it into the kitchen before collapsing.

The Outbreak

The train screeched into the station as if in a hurry. A man in a black suit with a briefcase got up and went to the door as it lurched to a halt. He disappeared as soon as the doors opened.

A small town in the middle of nowhere. The semester just ended and amid the swarm of college students leaving for vacation stood one girl, noticing. The sound of glass crashing caught her ear, she jumped, turned around and saw a small cracked case in the wake of a speeding unmarked car. None of the other students heard the sound above their own chatter, or noticed anything beyond their excitement.
Curious, she left the mass and went to look at the object on the side of the road – It was removed from the crowd so the chance of the case being planted or intentionally thrown toward the students, she deduced, was unlikely.
She picked up the case – the shell was cracked but nothing seemed to have fallen out, broken, or leaked. The rest of the students were gone now;  she stood up and surveyed the campus from a distance.
Amy was never a normal girl – she noticed the things others missed. Details, sounds, she could tune out of the chatter and see what was really happening in a scenario that no one else noticed. This was both a curse and a gift. A heightened sense of awareness and the propensity to pause and intensely focus on particular details made her a bit of a loner. It’s no wonder then, that she found refuge in the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and solace in the Chem Lab. To wander beyond the campus to investigate a case that fell out of a car really wasn’t unusual for someone like her.
She walked slowly back towards campus with the case. At a cursory glance it didn’t look like anything dangerous was inside.

The man in the suit flashed his badge at the security in the CDC building and walked swiftly into a room with no windows. A panicked expression on the faces around the table greeted him as he shut the door.
The Outbreak

The Difference Between Blogging and Writing Articles

I write well, just not here. The difference between my blogging and article writing is simple: Here, is the home for my seemingly endless trains of thought to be broadcast into the great void I like to call the internet. Half, to get them to stop constantly swirling through my head contributing to insomnia, and half because I think maybe someone might find them interesting and I feel a duty to keep these imaginary people updated.
When I write articles, the intention is different. I try to convey a thought, a single idea, in a clear and succinct manner to express my opinion or enlighten someone who happens to have the same question. I was much better at melding the two – blogging and article writing when I was still in high school and did both regularly. Sadly, I feel that the quality of my writing when I was in high school was much better than it is now (not including content – I hope that lives in a dark dark place).
I’ve realized, that while I don’t intend to give up my place of musing in long streams and overuse of commas, It might be nice to get back into writing well. I’d like to brush up on The Elements of Style, and write up a few pieces that I can point to and say “this is an example of my writing”. Because my blog is simply a blog, and not an accurate reflection of my ability to write; just a reflection of my rich internal life and too many thoughts to keep in one brain. Or one blog, for that matter, judging by the amount of notebooks I have that I keep filling.
Future articles that I post here, will be under the “Article” category for safe keeping. Next week I’ll post several articles covering a variety of subject matter to remind myself that I am actually a good writer.

Made Up Monday

There’s sun today! Well, there was and I was excited about it.
The other day I looked up a story I started working on when I was 11. I got three “chapters” in and never really finished. The inspiration and muse just sort of went away for it. I was re-reading it the other day, and aside from blushing from remembering where my mind was 9 years ago it was actually a pretty decent story start. One that if I were ever inclined to do so, I might be able to pick up and take in a different direction of interestingness.
I was really into historical fiction when I was little, and most of my focus was on the revolutionary war. A lot of history nerds have a time period that they’re really into, and mine was the late 18th century. I knew *alot* about the revolutionary period (or thought I knew a lot about it anyway) and so my story was about a girl whose brother decided to be a spy for Washington just as the quartering act had taken effect.
Initially, I think, we were going to follow Sherry, Sam’s 11 year old sister, as she joined the Daughters of the Revolution and did things from home, with her mother and sisters to help the war effort. They all had their own horses and were basically the epitome of how I thought good home-schooled young ladies were supposed to act. I wrote a lot of ” ’tis and ‘twould”s in keeping with what I knew of the language of the day. It sort of looks like the start of a home schooled version of the Felicity books (my *favorite* American girl, to this day).
It was an interesting enough story start that all these years later, I’m sort of interested in developing it – with changes. I’ll probably take out the part about her getting a kitten (too many Mandy books) and I think I’ll recreate the characters, and….part of me would like to take this in a fantasy direction. Although I’m not completely sure how I’d implement that. I’ve never heard of historical fantasy before although, I’m sure it has to exist. I think it would be fun though, to follow a family of strong headed men and women and a little girl discovering herself, her strength, in the heart of the American Revolution, and in the middle of the chaos, discovering a plot, a map, a…something…that leads to another world, species, something they thought was only a legend existing in 18th century Boston.
Maybe that’s too far fetched, I don’t know. It’s interesting anyway, and it’s made up Monday, so why not dream?

Sapphire Hair and Kind Eyes

I finished my art journal entry that I wrote the other day, and by that I mean I added paint (and sparkles!)
Art Journal Finished EntryI like the idea of blending journaling and art – for so long I’ve kept my thoughts and art separate, I think it will be good to mix them together. I think it’ll also motivate me to do something nearly every day and “bridge the gap” as it were (or at least, make a lot of art and a lot of progress) without having to by more canvases for my ever shrinking wall space. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before…


I randomly decided that I really wanted to learn how to make animated GIFs. They’re really fun to look at and I have a propensity for re-blogging them on mlkshk and tumblr, but I’ve never known how to make them. So I taught myself. It didn’t take as long as I thought, admittedly, it’s just image GIFs and not video GIFs which I think would probably be a little harder for me to make in fireworks, but still, I picked it up easily and had a lot of fun making that. This is the evolution of tonight’s GIF-making:

I’ve become enamored; so when I’m not making random fairy GIFs this week, I’m going to try to work on writing the second version of the script. Which, actually, is going to be sort of totally reconstructed and kind of epic now that I know what things I want to come across and what the weak spots are. I think that if I can make it through this second version, it’ll be much much better while still keeping most of the points in the rough draft the same and communicating the same feeling…but, better. So I’m excited.

The Balloons

The past few days I’ve been working more on some screenwriting for our short film based on my book, The Balloon Lady. Our working title is currently, The Balloons.

We’ve been brainstorming for a few months and working out what we’ll need – like a camera (our Canon T3i) and making random short videos on vimeo to practice, well, shooting and editing. Right now, I’m just hashing out a rough draft, and I’m about halfway done. The idea is to turn my children’s book story, into a more “grown up” short film – which gives us room to adapt it without actually copying the original book.
I’m using Celtix and Google Docs for writing – usually up side by side so my screen looks something like this.

This way, I can see my outline as I’m writing the script. Then, when I’m done, I’ll upload the script to plotbot so Alex and Hannah can comment on it and we can fine tune it from there.
For some reason, I find writing easier when I’m just trying to channel some of my emotions into it when I’m having trouble letting them out. Maybe it’s because of the emotional state I was in when I first wrote the book, that because the energy that inspired it is so similar to the film adaptation, it helps to use similar (or the same) emotions while trying to write the screenplay. Music also seems to aid my focus – I’ve always enjoyed doing things more when there’s music in the background, I think it distracts me enough to concentrate in an odd way.