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CDMX 2016

I lived in Mexico City for two weeks and it was fantastic. I managed to get around successfully (with help) in a country with a language I barely spoke, and watched Fireworks on New Years. Made a lot of pupper friends, learned a lot of things, and admired a lot of art. Now there are pictures.

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Kiery's Very Complicated Very Long Travel Day

I took a couple naps in between bounties for Destiny, and then I walked outside with my suitcase and laptop bag to discover a snowstorm happening. We drove slowly and quietly in the snow that was very hard to see through until we got to the bus stop. I got on the bus, watched Robin Hood: Men in Tights and noted with increasing anxiety how far away we were from my stop as the time between our arrival and my trains departure grew ever closer together.
I chose this bus because it would get me to the train station with about an hour to spare.
We had 10 minutes before my train left and the driver decided to make a stop for the commuters right before dropping us off at our destination, almost an hour later than scheduled.
He pulled up behind a stopped car, that shouldn’t have been stopped, but was because snow. Where we waited, and waited, moments feeling like hours as 8:15 drew steadily closer and not only had the commuters not gotten off, but the car didn’t move. He let the commuters out into a snow bank, and resumed waiting to merge into the lane of traffic we should have been in, originally.
By the time we pulled out into traffic, it was approaching 8:20. My train had almost certainly left, without me on it, all because one bus driver made an unscheduled stop that resulted in waiting in even more traffic. If I had been able to get out and walk,I would have. Had I been able to get to my bag, I would have almost certainly made the train, but that was not an option I had. So I arrived at the train station, almost 8:30 now, bag in tow, boiling with rage, attempting to calmly find a customer service representative to see if it was even possible to continue my journey – at great expense to me in both time and money.
It was. For $130 I could catch a train to DC where I could then get on another train and finish my commute south to see my friends for my birthday. It seemed like a promising chance to hopefully right an abysmal bus drive and not have to cancel my birthday plans, so I took it.
This train, my dear readers……..was supposed to arrive almost 3 hours ago, at the time of this writing. Shortly after our departure we started having engine trouble, which resulted in hefty delays at each stop in Connecticut until we finally made it to one stop where they had another engine, which we then waited at while they put it on this train. Connecticut is a long state to get through, but today, exponentially so. I got on this train in Boston at 9:30am, and we didn’t get out of Connecticut until somewhere between 3 and 4pm – well after we were supposed to have been out and dropped off passengers in New York and New Jersey. I was to arrive in DC somewhere around 5pm and board a later train at 6pm.
It is currently 8:07 PM and we just exited the Delaware stop and are approaching Baltimore.
If I had made my original train, I would be mere minutes from my end point by now. As it is, I’m still hours north of where I need to be and by the time I get into DC there are no buses or trains taking me past my destination until tomorrow morning. By the time I get there, I will have had an almost 12 hour train ride on one train, just not the train I was supposed to be on.
All I want right now is some food, coffee, and a burrito of blankets and pillows. Tomorrow I get to start part two of my journey which will hopefully, if all goes to plan (and I’m not holding my breath at this point) involve renting a car and driving myself.
Other adventures today have included: very few vegetarian options on the cafe car, an anti-planned parenthood propaganda pamphlet in the bathroom (I suspect delivered by the lady giving off all the religious vibes who was sizing me up earlier) which I promptly trashed and buried with paper towels, and computer rescue due to the person in front of me reclining too fast and almost locking my laptop in between the chair and tray.
On the upside, I’ve successfully managed not to sit beside anyone today.




Switched bags for tonight and my trip tomorrow. I plan on filming a segment, if not an entire special episode for next week while I’m off adventuring. Both at the Avenger’s midnight premier and in Boston before/after The Nerdist Podcast.
I need to sleep more, but I just got my hair all perfect for going to the game thing tonight so I don’t want to lay on it. Also, I’m way too excited (and woke up way too early) about the next 36 hours. I can always sleep on the train, and sleep until I need to get ready to leave tomorrow.
I was having a hard time not feeling guilty all week because life happened and ruined my plans of finishing badges, Mass Effect 3, and starting on a new painting set – but it supplemented it with better things, so I shouldn’t feel bad right? For some reason, when I write things down and say “I’m going to get this done this week” I feel bad when I don’t. Which is good, I guess, but I shouldn’t let it get to me to the point where I stress about it because there are more fun things to do but I told myself I’d do X, Y, and Z instead.
art journal
It’s weird sometimes, how one different decision can affect your general…I don’t know, decision-making-outlook for a brief time (or longer). Like, deciding to go to the game night instead of turning it down – one unusual decision lead to, hey, you know if I really wanted to, I COULD go to Boston. Another, even more unusual decision. And then doing that.
Making unusual decisions is really scary, but it’s the good kind of scary, it’s the scary that makes you feel like you’re alive and actively involved in your life instead of passively. Unusual decisions lead to new experiences and adventures, which fit well with my word and my 21 things. I wanted to be more social, and do something that scares me and making unusual decisions (or decisions that I don’t generally make in favor of staying in my comfort zone) allow me to do that.
21 Things

Art Journal: Place I'd like to go

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go…” ― Dr. Seuss

Dr Suess Prompt
I’d like to go to Cardiff, in England, and travel in the TARDIS on the Doctor Who set.

(drawn on my iPad using Paper, and a bamboo iPad pen)


Where I've been – art and life

I didn’t mean to be gone all week without posting, but sometimes life decides to take over and give you…a life, and blogging gets moved because of this weird thing called sleep and exhaustion.
– Monday and Tuesday I tried to just take it easy, I didn’t do the whole wake-up-and-exercise-thing because I wasn’t sure if I was coming down with something, and with a trip on Wednesday I didn’t want to overexert myself. I did, however, carve pumpkins on Sunday night and walk around town like someone from Harry Potter on Halloween.
-Wednesday (what I really want to get to) I, and a bunch of other artists/groups from Maine went down to Worcester, MA for the 10th “Idea Swap” put on by NEFA. It was my groups’ first time going and there were three of us in the van with a bunch of other Maine-ers. I didn’t really know what to expect when we got there, but the experience and mingling and finding out what kinds of (preforming) art other people from all over New England were working on bringing to their communities was great.
It was also very interesting to get a sort of “inside look” at what it takes to feasibly bring events, and people, and ideas to New England, and that’s kind of what NEFA helps with (to the best that I understood it). And also to find out what kinds of things people want to bring – some of the ones that caught my attention were Silents are GoldenA Tribute to Benny Goodman (and the guy who presented that brought packets with CDs ^.^), and one that is a multi-media piece of art that has dancing and film and…everything, and can be displayed in galleries *and* preformed (as I understand it) – the name of that one is currently alluding me.
Another important aspect that the meeting focused on was the level of community involvement that would be brought as a result of having the artist/groups come, and the various things that the performers themselves could do for and with the community/area they were showing in. Silents are Golden goes to schools and I believe does segments on silent acting and/or pantomime. I found this intriguing because aside from the obvious commercial part of bringing acts to New England (getting people to come and pay to see the various things) they’re trying to bring it into the community in a more hands on/educational way. I’m not sure how standard that is, (because for me, it was like sitting in on a board room or business meeting where most of the stuff goes way over your head, but you try to take in as much as you can and get the general idea of what exactly is going on) but I imagine it’s not particularly uncommon either.
It was really quite fascinating, and the people themselves were great to talk to. We sat with some really interesting people who try to bring art/theater into the more…ghetto-ey? (for lack of a better term) areas of Boston, and it was just amazing to talk to them and hear their story and goals (I really hope that it all goes well) too.