Hair and Makeup

We’ve been loosely taking behind the scenes footage of our filmmaking process on our iphones. I’ve been mostly taking pictures. Over the last couple weeks I’ve sewn three cloaks, a bag, and a sheath.

Three Cloaks

Aside from making costume accessories, the other thing that we’ve been doing that we realized is kind of invaluable for filming is hair and makeup. We’re learning that we need to start on that earlier though, because it does take a bit, and I need to update my makeup collection.

I forgot my makeup the first week we filmed (and my mother in law was lovely enough to give us some of hers that she wasn’t using), but last weekend I brought it and laid it all out.

Makeup-nessFace, lips, and eyes. ¬†I decided that liquid concealer is what we’ll be sticking with, and we’re keeping the makeup simple (the story takes place outside, so it’s not like they’d really have time to look extravagant). I need to get another bottle of foundation or two, eyeliner, and maybe some long lasting lipstick. Updating my mascara might be a good idea too though, as my go-to is getting a little clumpy.

Amanda designed our hair styles, and she does those for us and they look really great. The trick is getting this done before the sun starts to fade, because it always seems to take longer than we anticipated. Though, with the time it takes us to get ready, Alex can go plan where we’re all going to be standing, so even with that it works out well.

Lesson Learned: taking your time with props/accessories/costumes and makeup is well worth it when you look at it on camera.


Saturday we did some wrap up of basic pre-production stuff, and then went outside and started filming. We didn’t stay out too long, because we were freezing, but we managed to finish a scene in 30-40 takes, and get some fun behind-the-scenes footage of costumes/hair and make up, and I managed to grab a couple screenshots of the footage of the cast in character.

The Cast, Shooting

Basically, we just walked in the cold.


And somehow managed to look really good and remarkably un-frostbitten in the process.

The script is a work in progress – we only have a few scenes done, but since we can only film on the weekends, we can write and finish whatever props that we need to work on during the week. Thankfully, the costumes are done (we were worried about mine until we raided the closet and found something perfect) so really all that’s left are actual props that won’t come in until later.

Performing Inspiration

I alluded to this in another post, but this year I’m remembering how very very much I love to be on stage and perform. Though I’m not trained and I’m not overly talented, seeing a couple really good performances over the last couple weeks and starting pre-production (and actually filming this weekend) on a short film has kind of awakened that in me. Performing – being on stage – talking, dancing, attempting to act makes me feel exhilarated and alive. I forgot how much I absolutely loved that – everything from the preparation stages to the actual culmination of the details. Not too unlike art, honestly.
I like things that require different pieces to come together into a whole.
Anyway, I thought that it would be handy, to share some of the clips that for all intents and purposes awakened the sleeping part of myself that just loves to be up there. Whenever I go to a performance of anything, honestly, in real life, I feel the same way and I wish and wonder what it’s like to have been on that stage, to have spent months or years preparing for that moment, to take people into a world for just a few hours…
Coldplay’s performance on New Years Eve (this is not that clip, I spent hours on youtube trying to find it but couldn’t) started that spark,

which Daniel Radcliffe continued to ignite with his very talented and hilarious performance on SNL last week (this clip was the last sketch of the evening, and made the political geek inside laugh a lot, but the entire episode is worth watching).

So on the verge of awakening, we finally came up with a good idea for a short film. Maybe the immersion into the world of filmmaking over the last year and a half has played a role in that as well. Whatever happened to get to this part of me again, I’m glad, and I’m excited that it’s all just kind of perfectly timed, and I’m really psyched about this next year for us.