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  • 30 Months on T

    30 Months on T

    Last March I wrote a 15 month synopsis of what it’s been like on HRT: I wanted to write another in December when I hit my 2 year anniversary but that occurred over finals week and never happened, so here we are. 30 months on T! Weight Changes: After my Hysto I lost about 4lbs,…

  • Aging Backwards

    Aging Backwards

    When I was 8, I was expected to be an adult. I had adult responsibilities (taking care of kids) and was expected to act as mature as an adult – learn all the things, do all the things, cook all the food, wash all the babies – I had to fight for some semblance of…

  • Depression and I (TW: Suicidal Thoughts)

    Depression and I (TW: Suicidal Thoughts)

    I’m going to be doing a series of posts about depression (my depression). I could do one long post but it’d be a small book… I’ve struggled with depression since puberty. That’s about as far back as I remember anyway. At the time, I had no words for what I was feeling/going through, my parents…

  • The Acceptance Chronicles: hey there's a new one!

    The Acceptance Chronicles: hey there's a new one!

    I haven’t been able to draw in a week due to this lovely feeling of being run-over by a truck and allllllll of my dexterity disappearing (you should have seen me trying to move a cup, it was ridiculous). So Today, when my brain wasn’t fuzzy, the truck decided to start moving off of me…

  • Because of What It Means (and the story I'm afraid to draw)

    Because of What It Means (and the story I'm afraid to draw)

    I. red stain on pink in a tree in the summer doing homework pointing everyone knew everyone noticed everyone but her embarrassed she ran terrified stained ashamed not just because the publicity of the moment because of everything it meant everything she hoped to avoid adults were proud kids were worried she didn’t even know…

  • The Acceptance Chronicles: Armpit Hairs

    (there’s a slight backlog of comics because of last week’s posts. This one is the first in a series I started last Wednesday.)