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  • My Clutch Adventure

    My Clutch Adventure

    A few months ago, in an attempt to cut down on things I carry in my purse, I made myself a clutch. It was super cute – but the buttons and fraying fabric ribbons didn’t last overly long. So today, I went to claire’s for their huge after christmas/red-line sale and found a small purse…

  • Serenity


    For Christmas I got a wonderful easel, new acrylic paints, and 5(!!!) 16×20 canvasses. When we got home yesterday – after Alex had his fill of playing with his nerf gun – I decided to try it out (love it!). I didn’t really have any thoughts on it, I was just sort of painting and…

  • Clay and Winter Fairies

    Clay and Winter Fairies

    Over the weekend Alex and I decided to pick up some clay and explore the world of miniatures. On Sunday night we baked a few pieces and yesterday I painted mine. The tall tree-like piece was the most interesting because I had used some candle wax to mold it around. While it was cooking the…