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  • Those People

    I’m becoming one of Those PeopleWho has multiple bikes for different reasonsOne for travel and one for getting around townI’m one of those people who feels a little twinge of guilt at the luxuryof being able to save enough to buy two bikes when I only need one. I’m becoming one of Those PeopleWith a […]

  • -5 to all stats

    28 days or so they say my body disconnects from me I feel as though my entire being turns into my enemy I lose focus I lose movement I lose the ability to sleep peacefully my body seems to plot to take this opportunity to stick it to me “Fuck you!” it seems to yell […]

  • Because of What It Means (and the story I'm afraid to draw)

    I. red stain on pink in a tree in the summer doing homework pointing everyone knew everyone noticed everyone but her embarrassed she ran terrified stained ashamed not just because the publicity of the moment because of everything it meant everything she hoped to avoid adults were proud kids were worried she didn’t even know […]

  • In which I write (really bad) poetry

    Empath I believe in empaths and telepaths – like the ones you see on star trek. I believe that energy connects everyone, regardless of our awareness. I feel energy from people I don’t know, I feel the energy of arguments that aren’t even heated. I feel the sads of people trying to communicate and making […]