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The Difference Between Blogging and Writing Articles

I write well, just not here. The difference between my blogging and article writing is simple: Here, is the home for my seemingly endless trains of thought to be broadcast into the great void I like to call the internet. Half, to get them to stop constantly swirling through my head contributing to insomnia, and half because I think maybe someone might find them interesting and I feel a duty to keep these imaginary people updated.
When I write articles, the intention is different. I try to convey a thought, a single idea, in a clear and succinct manner to express my opinion or enlighten someone who happens to have the same question. I was much better at melding the two – blogging and article writing when I was still in high school and did both regularly. Sadly, I feel that the quality of my writing when I was in high school was much better than it is now (not including content – I hope that lives in a dark dark place).
I’ve realized, that while I don’t intend to give up my place of musing in long streams and overuse of commas, It might be nice to get back into writing well. I’d like to brush up on The Elements of Style, and write up a few pieces that I can point to and say “this is an example of my writing”. Because my blog is simply a blog, and not an accurate reflection of my ability to write; just a reflection of my rich internal life and too many thoughts to keep in one brain. Or one blog, for that matter, judging by the amount of notebooks I have that I keep filling.
Future articles that I post here, will be under the “Article” category for safe keeping. Next week I’ll post several articles covering a variety of subject matter to remind myself that I am actually a good writer.


Next week I’m going to do an experiment. I’m going to post specific content (which I’ve already partially decided on) and I’m going to monitor how much time I spend updating my blog and the social-ness related to it. Not because I think it’s bad or that I’m going to stop, but because I think it’s a skill that I should continue to hone – writing interesting content and keeping everything all updated and synchronized.
So I have a handful of topics that I think will be interesting, and I’ll be posting article-style (like I used to, with better writing and everything!) during the week.
I’ll also be unlocking more badges.

This Week

*This is a stream of consciousness post, so I can actually do something this week*
It’s been a good, but long, week so far, and figured I should at least update with my thoughts that way I can actually do stuff the rest of the week.
– Saturday, Alex and I went to a wedding where I danced and danced until I couldn’t dance anymore and paid dearly for that in the morning…and over the next few days (today I’m a little better, but stairs are still not cool. #2ndfloorapartmentfail). But it was so worth it. I haven’t used those muscles in years, so I’m happy to know they still exist from my dancing days, and my legs looked great and muscle-y, if I did end up walking like a penguin everywhere.
– It’s weird that it’s already August. I’m not done getting over winter yet and it’s almost fall. I did manage to swim on Sunday and Monday, which was good, because I was getting really worried that I was going to miss the few days that you can actually swim here because life has been kind of packed and exhausting. So Monday I sat in a giant inflatable bed in the pool and floated and listened to the birds and the wind until it started to rumble and look like rain.

– Yesterday I hung out with some friends who came to visit and we went clothes shopping and hung out at beans and generally had a lot of fun and adventures in avoiding random downpours of cool rain and wind (br). But we managed to keep relatively dry and snapped a few pictures before we all went home. – I also added more blue to my hair Friday night, just the under-layer, which you can *kind of* see in the picture. I love how it came out, I feel sort of like a mermaid or fairy when I pull the top half of my hair up to expose the deep blue and turquoise shades underneath.

– So now it’s Wednesday. I’m not totally sure what to do for the rest of the week. I’m getting my I-need-to-play-WoW itch again, and I finished the 2nd revision of The Balloons screenplay on Monday, so I’m giving it a couple days before I work on tweaking it.

 – I think, now that the desk is moved into the studio and I have a place for my easel and paints, I might start painting again. I’ve been thinking about an idea so I might try  that. I could also go through my art history notebook and do a watercolor experiment with some random style.

 – A lot of my married friends suddenly became pregnant and are in/near their 2nd trimester. I want to do something, but I don’t really know what. I sort of am still fighting an internal battle with the whole idea of pregnancy – I don’t want any part of it myself, but I do want to support my friends who are having their first… I don’t have enough money to make baby-baskets for all of them and they’ll probably have some kind of baby shower soon anyway. But you need *a lot* of things to have tiny humans. So maybe I’ll do more brainstorming this week too.

 – Also, I need to go to the library and get some more Faerie Wars and fill out an inter-library loan form, and maybe get on the waiting list for Game Of Thrones unless we decide to buy it. We had fun reading the free sample on the iPad, and haven’t finished the last section yet because…..then we’ll have no more book until we get it from somewhere. I feel like George R.R. Martin was writing about Maine when he wrote about the land where winter can last a lifetime. I was like o.O I LIVE THERE.

 – My relationship status with Maine is love/LOATHE. I either need to move, or we need to figure out a way to be on speaking terms. I freak out every time it gets chilly and wet now, because I think that means winter is back. :S #toomanytoolongwinters #anditsonlybeen2

I’m feeling a little more clear headed already, maybe I’ll take a walk and hope that the lights we ordered actually come in today while I’m out.

Crash Course Challenge day 8

I took a well deserved break yesterday and spent the day playing the xbox and hit the books again today.
I read some more about perspective (and how to draw it) in Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, and internalized more of the Everyday Work of Art. Most of that I’m still mulling over – learning, experiencing. So many things about the way I think and my approach and art are starting to make sense in my head but unable to actually verbalize them.
I’ll leave with this thought though: Beauty is the experience you have with something that resonates with you. The compulsion, the calling out – and under it all lays Wonder, and the discovery and journey to notice, create, and experience life to it’s fullest, is art.