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I have a fleece jacket, it’s soft and warm, and makes me soooo happy. Because now I can go outside with a jacket and I’m not still freezing. I’ve been wearing a track-ish jacket for a few years because it’s small enough to fit under other jackets, but it wasn’t providing quite enough warmth. So we went to old navy on Saturday and I got a warm fleece jacket with built in hand warmers. ^.^ My mood has gone up several notches over the last few days because of it (I like to be warm).
Saturday night we went to a concert with Alex’s family to see Elizabeth Von Trapp (yeah, the sound of music people). I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but her performance was amazing. She’s not a musician you could really sing along to, or with, but what she does with her voice and the words that she chooses in the songs that she writes is something that is more like painting than singing. She’s an illustrator with words and uses her voice like a painter uses a brush. I’ve never seen anything quite like that before, and it was amazing – completely unexpected,  so very artistic and stunning. I couldn’t help but feeling that she’s transcended the world of musicians and crossed a bridge and what she does and how she does it, is art. and it’s lovely.
Yesterday, Alex and I ended up finishing (sort of) a short we came up with the other day, and that was a blast. I love filming with him. We’re only able to do it on nights and weekends, but I love it. It’s fun to get out of our comfort zones and try new things (in the comfort and seclusion of our studio 😉 ) and learn what we’re good at and comfortable with and figure out new things. The longest thing is post-production and adding in things and cutting things together, which I can’t really help with (because it’s all on Alex’s computer) but I love seeing what it’s like at all the stages. ^.^

Brain Dead Monday

It’s Monday again! yay.
We had an exciting weekend, and I’m really tired. Putting words into the box is becoming a somewhat difficult task on the day I made up to be the easiest. 😛
Daily Post ideas, Monday
See? easy right? words just aren’t coming to me today. I haven’t completely woken up yet, apparently. So I guess I’ll just talk about the crazy fun weekend.
Saturday we went Apple Picking in Turner. I got 6 apples for $2.50 which is really cool. Sometime this week (or so) I’ll need to make an apple pie-ish thing, and then I can eat the other ones. ^.^
Yesterday, we finally went to the fair. We’ve been telling ourselves that we’d go to the fair for the last 3 years and we finally did. We had so much fun! We drove through some really pretty places to get there, the trees were turning and it was really beautiful. We rode on the ferris wheel and played a game and tried corn dogs for the first time, and got an Angry Birds plush.
The view from the ferris wheel was stunning, we rode twice – once after the sun set and once before, so I got to see the fair all lit up – and then we took home a big bag of cotton candy. Today my muscles are all weird, because we walked *all* day and parked the furthest possible distance from the entrance, and didn’t leave till 7:30 last night. But, I think we successfully walked off our corn dogs….at least I hope we did, because I’ll probably try to take it easy this afternoon.

Made Up Monday

There’s sun today! Well, there was and I was excited about it.
The other day I looked up a story I started working on when I was 11. I got three “chapters” in and never really finished. The inspiration and muse just sort of went away for it. I was re-reading it the other day, and aside from blushing from remembering where my mind was 9 years ago it was actually a pretty decent story start. One that if I were ever inclined to do so, I might be able to pick up and take in a different direction of interestingness.
I was really into historical fiction when I was little, and most of my focus was on the revolutionary war. A lot of history nerds have a time period that they’re really into, and mine was the late 18th century. I knew *alot* about the revolutionary period (or thought I knew a lot about it anyway) and so my story was about a girl whose brother decided to be a spy for Washington just as the quartering act had taken effect.
Initially, I think, we were going to follow Sherry, Sam’s 11 year old sister, as she joined the Daughters of the Revolution and did things from home, with her mother and sisters to help the war effort. They all had their own horses and were basically the epitome of how I thought good home-schooled young ladies were supposed to act. I wrote a lot of ” ’tis and ‘twould”s in keeping with what I knew of the language of the day. It sort of looks like the start of a home schooled version of the Felicity books (my *favorite* American girl, to this day).
It was an interesting enough story start that all these years later, I’m sort of interested in developing it – with changes. I’ll probably take out the part about her getting a kitten (too many Mandy books) and I think I’ll recreate the characters, and….part of me would like to take this in a fantasy direction. Although I’m not completely sure how I’d implement that. I’ve never heard of historical fantasy before although, I’m sure it has to exist. I think it would be fun though, to follow a family of strong headed men and women and a little girl discovering herself, her strength, in the heart of the American Revolution, and in the middle of the chaos, discovering a plot, a map, a…something…that leads to another world, species, something they thought was only a legend existing in 18th century Boston.
Maybe that’s too far fetched, I don’t know. It’s interesting anyway, and it’s made up Monday, so why not dream?