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Depth Tricks

Was drawing earlier and trying to play with depth. Depth isn’t an illusion I’m particularly good at creating or conveying, but I try. At first I drew the whole picture with one pen and made shapes further off smaller ish. Then I grabbed my brush tip pen, and went over all the things in the foreground with that, followed by my sharpie pen tracing over the things in the near-distance, and I left the rest in the original ink. The result:

What I learned? Thick lines up front, medium lines in the middle, thin lines in the back, creates a great effect.

Artist Trading Cards #3

All black and white, with lots of tiny details. The last few times I did some more extravagant pieces, this time I just stuck to simple (or maybe not so simple) illustrations, and I think I like it better. Some of them are more deep than others…I think that’s what happens when you sit down and make art while semi depressed. I like how the candle is the opposite of what you’d expect – a black flame and a light body, and how the dancer’s reflection is a marionette. On lighter notes, I’m also pleased with my fancy avocado and banana-smiley-face car.

Trading Cards - Detail Edition

The senses

Was thinking earlier today about what would happen if I lost my hearing. Weird thought, I know, but I figured that it wouldn’t be something that I couldn’t handle. I know sign language and could probably still talk and communicate decently enough if I learned to lip read. I think everyone kinda lipreads to a certain extent – at least I do. So then I thought about what I would do with myself…
I know I’d remember what things used to sound like even if I couldn’t hear them anymore. Just like you still remember the taste of something years after you’ve eaten it.
So I decided that if I were deaf, I would draw sound.
…then I started thinking about how that would work and thought hey, I want to draw sound, just to see if I can. So next week sometime I think I’ll try.
Also, typing on my new iPhone is fun.