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Illustration attempt #1

Last night I decided to try a mix of watercolor and ink for my illustrations. I did a test run with the paints when we got home so I could figure out how they work and what I wanted to do with them, and this morning I decided to paint the first picture and then go over it with ink to see how it looked. Needless to say, I think I know how I’m going to do the rest of the illustrations 🙂


In between making presents and general living-ness, I’m thinking about offering to illustrate a book for a friend. This is new to me, but everyone tells me that my style is great for illustrating kid’s books. Right now I’m thinking that I’ll be using pens and scanning them into the computer and then going over and adding color digitally with my Wacom tablet.
From what I’ve read a lot of people use watercolors, but that’s one medium I have no experience in (unless you count the $2 walmart packs) so, I think for now I’ll be better off with something…dryer. I’ve also been tossing around the idea of using markers (like this) or colored pencils. I’ll be spending the next few days researching it some more, but I’m open to advice. 🙂

Depth Tricks

Was drawing earlier and trying to play with depth. Depth isn’t an illusion I’m particularly good at creating or conveying, but I try. At first I drew the whole picture with one pen and made shapes further off smaller ish. Then I grabbed my brush tip pen, and went over all the things in the foreground with that, followed by my sharpie pen tracing over the things in the near-distance, and I left the rest in the original ink. The result:

What I learned? Thick lines up front, medium lines in the middle, thin lines in the back, creates a great effect.

Artist Trading Cards #3

All black and white, with lots of tiny details. The last few times I did some more extravagant pieces, this time I just stuck to simple (or maybe not so simple) illustrations, and I think I like it better. Some of them are more deep than others…I think that’s what happens when you sit down and make art while semi depressed. I like how the candle is the opposite of what you’d expect – a black flame and a light body, and how the dancer’s reflection is a marionette. On lighter notes, I’m also pleased with my fancy avocado and banana-smiley-face car.

Trading Cards - Detail Edition