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  • 37c3


    My partner has been telling me about Chaos Communication Congress since we met. This year, we were finally able to go. Some other friends from KDE also managed to get tickets so we put an assembly together. We (collectively) thought it would be fun to have a low-key performance art project so we packed up…

  • ich spreche bisschen deutsch (I speak a little German)

    ich spreche bisschen deutsch (I speak a little German)

    Last month I finished my first deutschkurse with the Humboldt Institute. I feel much better about my ability to understand German in situations outside of checking out at the grocery store or apotheke which is nice. My eaves dropping skills have gained +10. I still freeze up when I need to reply in German but…

  • 14 year old rage

    14 year old rage

    I have been sitting uncomfortably with my anger. I’m at the point of my healing/processing cycle where I get to revisit this feeling again. As a child I was never truly allowed to express anger, it was an emotion that wasn’t “cheerful obedience” and therefore wrong. It often circles back to me in the autumn.…

  • Self Employed? Moving to Germany? Choose 1.

    Self Employed? Moving to Germany? Choose 1.

    Germany is great. Living in an actual society is great. Not being worried about being bankrupted by a hospital visit is great. Being able to grocery shop or exist in public without fear of being gunned down randomly is fucking amazing. Unfortunately there’s a huge caveat if you are self-employed. You won’t get to live…

  • Immigrating is hard

    Immigrating is hard

    I feel like I’m not allowed to acknowledge or complain or be frustrated about it because I chose to yeet myself across the ocean, but it doesn’t change the fact that sometimes it really sucks. I am in what feels to be a uniquely frustrating situation and I am trying my best to figure it…

  • Freeze Peach

    Freeze Peach

    Free speech without boundaries becomes eliminationist speech very quickly, and that’s what we’re seeing.

  • It happened to me (2022)

    It happened to me (2022)

    Well the last half of this month didn’t go as I hoped. I got COVID and have spent the last two weeks recovering. It’s frustrating because I have been careful this whole time, but my personal mitigations mean less and less as fewer people are taking it seriously. I’ve been struggling to find a balance…

  • Disability in Germany

    Disability in Germany

    I miss the ADA. It was incredibly insufficient but nothing close to it exists in Europe and navigating a healthcare system meant for chronically abled & healthy people as a disabled chronically ill immigrant is exhausting. I learned the hard way last week that the way ADHD meds are handled is: you have a time-limit…

  • Whiplash


    I have a home. I have my meds sorted. I have to pick up my testosterone script every two weeks because I don’t know how to communicate that I need two bottles a month in the correct way but, at least it’s getting filled. I’m stable. My desk is set up in a way that…

  • Things I’ve Learned (and noticed) So Far

    Things I’ve Learned (and noticed) So Far

    Briefmarke is the word for stamps Mailboxes are yellow Bus stops look like hospital signs (giant H in the middle of a circle) Trash cans are orange and everywhere Taking your plastic and glass bottles to the machine that gives you money back for it IS A THING. Like, people wait in line to do…