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  • Presents and My First Book

    Presents and My First Book

    Friday was my sister-in-law’s Birthday and for her present we decided to take her out and go to a movie in IMAX the next day. But we didn’t want to go up to her party empty handed so over the week I designed a card and had my husband fold an envelope (because I can’t…

  • Today I

    Today I

    Sketched out one of my christmas-present-projects onto a canvass. I’m really excited about it. I drew it a few times on paper first and ended up making some changes, and it looks way better (I think). I also got toothpicks, which will be very helpful with this particular project…I hope. I won’t actually paint anything…

  • Bye-Bye Sketchpad

    Bye-Bye Sketchpad

    Sad news (or happy news?) I recently discovered that I used up all the sheets in my sketchpad! I rarely complete books…notebooks, journals, etc, so this is actually an accomplishment for me. I used *actual drawing paper* from the time I got the sketchbook until, well, yesterday when I ran out of paper. So, I…

  • Professor Puffin

    Professor Puffin

    I’ve been wondering what a puffin would look like in a school vest…it looked silly until I added the eye piece, now it looks refined.

  • Depth Tricks

    Depth Tricks

    Was drawing earlier and trying to play with depth. Depth isn’t an illusion I’m particularly good at creating or conveying, but I try. At first I drew the whole picture with one pen and made shapes further off smaller ish. Then I grabbed my brush tip pen, and went over all the things in the…

  • Artist Trading Cards #3

    Artist Trading Cards #3

    All black and white, with lots of tiny details. The last few times I did some more extravagant pieces, this time I just stuck to simple (or maybe not so simple) illustrations, and I think I like it better. Some of them are more deep than others…I think that’s what happens when you sit down…

  • My Art Work

    My Art Work

    This is going to be where I put up all my awesome pictures – lets get started!