TeenPact and Women

To my knowledge, there have only been two female governors in Maine, and none (to my knowledge) in GA. Maine is seen by the staff as the more liberal/wildcard state where things happen there that don’t (or aren’t allowed?) happen in other states. Maine and Hawaii I suppose, because there’s surfing there and every staffer

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TeenPact and Me

TeenPact is a christian conservative/evangelical organization that organizes government and civics classes and camps throughout the country. Their goal is to raise a generation of christian leaders (teens) to go and bring the country back “for christ” by encouraging activism and male leadership. When I think about TeenPact and my time there, I don’t feel

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Blog Week FAQ

1) Where/How can I join in the blog-week?
You can submit a guest post (anonymously, or not) to either Starfury or myself (via contact forms) and we’ll post it during the week. You can also write a post on your own blog, and add your post to the link-up widget we’ll be integrating on Between Black and White (and if I can get it to work here, it should show up here too).
2) When are we posting?
We’re posting any time during the week of May 20th – May 26th. I’ll be sharing my story in three parts, here, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Between Black and White will be sharing stories/guest posts all week, and I’ll have Tues/Thurs/Sat for guest posts as well.
3) How can I share?
I’ve started using the hashtag #teenpactersspeakup on twitter, you can share via ALL the things, and if you’re using twitter, feel free to use the hashtag (or think of a better one and let me know, my hashtag skills aren’t awesome).
P.S. This is the first blog-week that I’ve actually orchestrated so if you have any other questions on how it works let me know and I’ll come up with an answer. 😉