First Person Lover

I just. I don’t know. All I can think to say is if it’s a game about love, you’re doing it wrong. It’s absurd and a little triggering if you think about it, but also so hard to look away. Props for creativity, I guess, but….I wouldn’t say it’s less damaging than a normal FPS, that’s for sure.


I had a dream last night, and in that dream I spent a lot of time with my closest-in-age sister doing chores. She’d taken up the slack for me since I was gone and had figured out how to do all the dishes and things required for keeping a house full of 8 people clean.

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This Week I:

Worked on some E.R.A. Plotting Voted (and then drank a lot because reasons) Washed the dishes most days And cleaned the stove Mopped the floors Made the bed Took out the trash Ordered Alex’s birthday presents Ordered shoes and sent them back Drew a comic Had more ideas for ruby apps Decided I want to

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