Year: 2016

  • NLQ didn't "decide" to take down alumni posts, We demanded it.

    Today, No Longer Quivering published a 2016 housekeeping post where they noted that they changed their focus in 2015 (which is true) to be on the mothers leaving the QF movement and as a part of that they decided to remove the voices of the adult children from their website. They were not the ones who decided to remove […]

  • First Two Days

    Monday was my first day of classes. First time in a classroom with a teacher qualified to teach instead of in a church with a parent armed with a teacher’s guide and too much confidence. I was overwhelmed and almost cried a couple of times – in a good way. My teacher really wants us […]

  • Preparing A Visionary Daughter to Do Hard Things (Written in 2010)

      When I was 19 I had the opportunity to write out…basically my life story and post it to a website with a lot of readers. It helped me start processing my life and was the catalyst for rethinking all the things I was taught and starting to see my abuse for what it was. […]