Year: 2016

  • Holy Shit 2k16

    Guess I’ll just start off with a list of Things I’ve Done this year and then talk about how I feel about them/the world in general, because holy fuck 2016. This time last year I’d just enrolled at North Seattle and was starting ABE where I learned I’m actually good at math and I learn […]

  • This Week in Trans

    Apparently cooking is a skill I default to. I can run? Melons taste good? I still dislike olives. All my feelings live in my belly. Everything is pain because my muscles are moving around so much. I am always hungry. And horny…and horniness feels different now? it comes from a different place so I don’t […]

  • Eating Disorder

    I never thought I had an eating disorder until this week. I thought maybe my relationship to food was not ideal but probably normal. I thought eating disorders had more to do with some personal needs being met with regards to food, like purity culture, society’s insistence on thinness, or coping with life. I didn’t […]

  • This Is Not Normal

    I’m beginning to get anxious now that more than a month has passed since the fall of our republic election and things have started to quiet down. We’re normalizing. We desperately want to return to normal, to stability, not to whatever the fuck this reality is. Collectively we do not do well with unrest, we […]

  • Kieryn Starts T

    Yesterday. Yesterday I went to the wellness clinic in SF that does HRT and primary care on a sliding scale for uninsured people and I started my first dose of Testosterone. HOLY SHIT. Immediately prior to that I got my hair cut, and turns out I’m a super fucking cute boi. As I was walking […]

  • Expecto Patronum

    I was talking to my therapist last night about the election and activism and something she poked at really struck me. It is important for activism to come from a place that isn’t fear. Fear and panic spreads like wildfire and runs everyone down. The longevity of the fight depends on us being able to […]

  • Existing Is Resistance

    So, we elected a facist. I, like every other marginalized in-any-remote-way person have spent the last week utterly terrified. It’s an anxiety attack that won’t go away. I’m suddenly very aware of the intersection of my transness, queerness, afabness, and olive skin. I am public about all of those, I’m public about being queer and […]

  • Things I learned in therapy

    My therapist guesses that starting T will help with my hormone induced dysphoria too (just need insurance again). We opened up the jar of trauma that is my relationship with my body when I’m bleeding and realized I’ve never healed from that. Surprising no one, I know. But I realized that the terror that I […]

  • Fedora on an Asus C201P Chromebook

    So as soon as I came up with a plan for a game this month I got distracted trying to install Fedora on the chromebook I have. It took me 4 days to come to the conclusion that I wasn’t failing, it’s just that no documentation on how to install Fedora/other linux systems exist for […]

  • Github Game Jam

    Long story short I quit my dayjob. So I’m looking for work and freelancing again, but also participating in the Github Game Jam. It’s like NaNoWriMo but for game devs, and with a loose topic. This year it’s Hacking/modding/augmenting. So I’m going to do a game based off the little women retelling I want to […]