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Holy Shit 2k16

Guess I’ll just start off with a list of Things I’ve Done this year and then talk about how I feel about them/the world in general, because holy fuck 2016. This time last year I’d just enrolled at North Seattle and was starting ABE where I learned I’m actually good at […]

Kieryn Starts T

Yesterday. Yesterday I went to the wellness clinic in SF that does HRT and primary care on a sliding scale for uninsured people and I started my first dose of Testosterone. HOLY SHIT. Immediately prior to that I got my hair cut, and turns out I’m a super fucking cute boi. […]

Github Game Jam

Long story short I quit my dayjob. So I’m looking for work and freelancing again, but also participating in the Github Game Jam. It’s like NaNoWriMo but for game devs, and with a loose topic. This year it’s Hacking/modding/augmenting. So I’m going to do a game based off the little women […]