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Pardon the mess

I’m switching servers this weekend, so, that’s why the site is all weird and some of the links are more than likely broke. My initial plan of staying up all night doing it is failing due to falling asleep at my keyboard, so, if you find stray code and broken links […]

Ham on Nye

I actually didn’t plan on writing anything about the Ham on Nye debate Tuesday night, I planned on drinking and eating popcorn and watching  everything implode in a talk-past-eachother kind of way. My mouth hurt, (still does, I have even better numbing stuff now, but it makes my lips stick together […]


I have stress induced canker sores in my mouth and it sucks (like 4). I’ve been sort of on the verge of/warding off a meltdown. I am stuck in complete and utter apathy towards everything that I am invested in and love doing. I can’t sleep or eat without pain, because […]