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Current Status

Listening:¬†Imagine Dragons – Night Visions Creating: Working on slowly painting and putting together my Archangel because I just picked up my caster (Lylyth the Herald) and need to build her, but dragon pieces were taking up all the space. It looks badass. Feeling: relieved, and actively un-stressing (which can sometimes be […]

But why are we okay?   I think, that the secret to going 4 years strong and hopefully not jinxing it is simple.   We love each-other. All of each-other. We embrace that we’re human, and we evolve with each-other in tandem.   Being married has given us both freedom. And […]

The Strongest Woman I Know

I had intended to spend the day painting my dragon (Archangel) for my Horde army that I need to pick up the rest of on Thursday. But while in the shower, thinking about the meaning of life (as you do, and then quickly do that thing we call “washing” 2 minutes […]

Fun adult comic this way….

Not because I don’t want to put it here, but because I’ve been keeping this comic blog up ¬†– even though I started it with intentions for a specific strip. I’ll still post in both places. How I’ve Felt All Day.¬†

Coming Out

I’ve never talked about this explicitly publicly – I’m open about it to people who ask, and I don’t hide it, but I’ve never really felt the need to come out and say it (because honestly, it’s no one’s business). The reason I’m coming out with it now, is because I […]

I have words again, but I’m too exhausted to write them at the moment – or do anything besides stare at screens and drink tea.