I feel like a bad wifey. I hate being sick and not doing anything (Alex’s orders) and then having to ask Alex (who’s been working late and it’s sooo not fun) to clean for me because it starts to stress me out. I can’t paint either, due to coughing and neck-aches, heck, I haven’t even

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Fairy Houses

Yesterday, I made a fairy house with my sister-in-law. Today, though, I have a cold 🙁 So I’m sitting on the couch listening to harry potter too tired to paint.  I’m trying to decide now how to mix whimsical hollow with sleek modern style for my office….And whether or not I should put a canopy

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Falling Fruit

Over halfway through Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire, I painted on my last piece of watercolor paper. I guess I’ll need to stop by the art store sooner than I thought – in the mean time, I suppose I’ll be using the last few canvases. I am disappointed with my brushes though. They’ve

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Watercolor Preview

Working on an idea from a friend today while listening to The Goblet of Fire, thought I’d share a preview.   Then I stared at it and decided I hated the thumb, so I’ve since changed it and feel much better.


Taking a break from painting to Harry Potter (for now) today…because my thoughts on a topic have finally sort of slowed down enough for me to attempt coherent ness.

Watercolor Tree

Today we started Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – and I remembered an idea I had at one point, which was to make a white tree with a blue background. Which I did, and then decided color would be interesting, so I added that as the Weasely’s were finding the Port Key.