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Watercolor and Oils

Guess what I did yesterday? I spent most of the day making some watercolor illustrations and two hours later I made it to art class (yay!). I finished (for the most part) my Battlestar Galactica oil piece, complete with missing corners (well as close as I could get), multicolored space, and […]

Illustration attempt #1

Last night I decided to try a mix of watercolor and ink for my illustrations. I did a test run with the paints when we got home so I could figure out how they work and what I wanted to do with them, and this morning I decided to paint the […]

Presents and My First Book

Friday was my sister-in-law’s Birthday and for her present we decided to take her out and go to a movie in IMAX the next day. But we didn’t want to go up to her party empty handed so over the week I designed a card and had my husband fold an […]

Happy Birthday Laurah

Happy Birthday Laurah! You’re a great sister and I’m sooooooooooo proud of you! You have no idea. I love you so so so much and I hope that your birthday and this next year is amazing for you! I miss you and wish I could give you a big hug and […]

Happy Birthday Hannah

Happy Birthday Hannah! You’re an amazing sister-in-law and I’m proud to know you. You remind me of me when I was your age (go figure) and it’s been awesome getting to know you over the last few years. You’re great and I hope this year brings you more joy and opportunities […]

Today I

Sketched out one of my christmas-present-projects onto a canvass. I’m really excited about it. I drew it a few times on paper first and ended up making some changes, and it looks way better (I think). I also got toothpicks, which will be very helpful with this particular project…I hope. I […]


In between making presents and general living-ness, I’m thinking about offering to illustrate a book for a friend. This is new to me, but everyone tells me that my style is great for illustrating kid’s books. Right now I’m thinking that I’ll be using pens and scanning them into the computer […]

Hi November!

It’s November – thanksgiving, black friday, cold weather, crunchy leaves, the end of colds (please please please)? I’m happy it’s November! Every year my grandma, mom and I would go out at like, 4:30am on Black Friday and go Christmas shopping. We were good at it too, we’d spend Thanksgiving afternoon […]

Bye-Bye Sketchpad

Sad news (or happy news?) I recently discovered that I used up all the sheets in my sketchpad! I rarely complete books…notebooks, journals, etc, so this is actually an accomplishment for me. I used *actual drawing paper* from the time I got the sketchbook until, well, yesterday when I ran out […]