On Saturday we took our weekly food adventure to Damariscotta. It’s a nice little coastal town with lots of lobster boats, cute little stores, and a one screen theater (How To Train Your Dragon was playing that day). We ate at the Saltbay cafe and then took a stroll around the town – into this

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Thoughts on BSG

We’ve been watching Battle Star Galactica recently (mostly because we’ve been watching Jane Espenson’s Caprica on Hulu) and even though I can’t take more than 3 hours at once, it’s been really interesting. It’s one of those shows that make you think. If you’re lucky, sometimes you’ll find a few episodes in a series that

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I love apple

This post is brought to you by the apple iPad. Or, from what we will now call Lilypad. We got an email this morning saying that the iPad we reserved last weekend was In and ready for us to pick up. Right now I’m writing this on lilypad horizontally and I can use both hands

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