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  • KieryGeek: Kiery Vs Games

    KieryGeek: Kiery Vs Games


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  • Listy-list


    To help myself stay focused I occasionally make myself a “Things I want to do this week” list. This aids the I-already-filmed-now-what-do-I-do crisis of focus that has become a weekly phenomenon. I use the phrase “want to do”, because saying things I “need to do” usually ends up leading me into a week of depression for not doing…

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  • Team Treehouse

    Team Treehouse

    I found this really great video tutorial on Web Design and Development by Team Treehouse. I’ve been watching them and all of the things I forgot about web design I’m now remembering. The beautiful thing about their videos though, is that 1) they start off with the current versions of html and css (HTML 5…

  • The Making of a Fairy

    The Making of a Fairy

    I sent in an application to be in an art show in April, and decided to go with my fairies if I get in. So today, I thought it would be fun to make a time-lapse-ish video of what it looks like for me to paint a fairy on an Art Card. I’m right handed…

  • Balloon Lady Vlog

    Balloon Lady Vlog

    Decided to release some cool updates and answer a great question in a video (that I posted on the facebook page). You can find the PDF referenced by clicking here.

  • Mr. Grinch

    Mr. Grinch

    I haven’t really been in the traditional christmas music mood, but somehow…this one appeals to me.

  • Promo


    Check out what I made today…