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  • Stuff and Things

    Stuff and Things

    Well I didn’t make it into the next round of the Geek and Sundry Vlogs. All of the voter contributions were wonderful (and thank you so much)! I just must not have been what they were looking for. Still, It was worth trying, even in just learning the amount of people that I’ve been able…

  • The Acceptance Chronicles: hey there's a new one!

    The Acceptance Chronicles: hey there's a new one!

    I haven’t been able to draw in a week due to this lovely feeling of being run-over by a truck and allllllll of my dexterity disappearing (you should have seen me trying to move a cup, it was ridiculous). So Today, when my brain wasn’t fuzzy, the truck decided to start moving off of me…

  • The Acceptance Chronicles: Armpit Hairs

    (there’s a slight backlog of comics because of last week’s posts. This one is the first in a series I started last Wednesday.)