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My workstation

I usually move between the office and living room depending on the time of day that I paint. During the afternoon I’m in the office because Alex is working in the living room and there’s more room in the office. At night, I’ll move to the living room so we can watch TV or movies or I can observe Alex’s nazi-zombie killing skillz while I paint (although, if we’re watching a vampires-explode-over-everything-movie *cough*Daybreakers*cough* I’ll move to the office).
All goes to say – this is what my desk looks like

Today I

Sketched out one of my christmas-present-projects onto a canvass. I’m really excited about it. I drew it a few times on paper first and ended up making some changes, and it looks way better (I think). I also got toothpicks, which will be very helpful with this particular project…I hope.
I won’t actually paint anything till next week though, because my sister-in-law and my sister both have birthdays over the weekend 🙂


In between making presents and general living-ness, I’m thinking about offering to illustrate a book for a friend. This is new to me, but everyone tells me that my style is great for illustrating kid’s books. Right now I’m thinking that I’ll be using pens and scanning them into the computer and then going over and adding color digitally with my Wacom tablet.
From what I’ve read a lot of people use watercolors, but that’s one medium I have no experience in (unless you count the $2 walmart packs) so, I think for now I’ll be better off with something…dryer. I’ve also been tossing around the idea of using markers (like this) or colored pencils. I’ll be spending the next few days researching it some more, but I’m open to advice. 🙂

Bye-Bye Sketchpad

Sad news (or happy news?) I recently discovered that I used up all the sheets in my sketchpad! I rarely complete books…notebooks, journals, etc, so this is actually an accomplishment for me. I used *actual drawing paper* from the time I got the sketchbook until, well, yesterday when I ran out of paper.
So, I need to add another sketchbook to my list of art supplies I need to pick up. Currently consisting of glitter and toothpicks. I’d like to get a kick-ass detail (Round) brush too, but I think that’s going to have to wait…