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Lately I’ve had this urge – a re-awakening of a realization. I miss performing and I miss the stage. I miss the feeling of nervousness that disappeared as soon as I walked up to the microphone.
I’m not particularly good, talented, or experienced but I want to perform again. I’ve been so inspired lately, like I’ve just remembered another something that makes me feel alive but forgot over time. I guess that makes the timing of our new short pretty perfect.

First Draft: Done

I finished the first draft of my screenplay! I printed it yesterday and started storyboarding with pencil in the margins.
It’s an interesting process – much different than story writing. You can’t use any of the cop-outs that you can writing a narrative. You can’t say “They talked and became good friends” you have to establish that through actual dialogue and when filming – inflection and body language. So you have to write conversations instead of just saying they happened. Which is good, but the writing takes on an entirely different feel and sometimes it’s slow going getting everything across.
So I’m super excited to have the draft done and something to work with!
Also, storyboarding takes a long time, and I’ve definitely improved my drawing skills since illustrating the book in November.