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It was a bloody bloody battle

It was a long bloody battle that lasted until near dawn. The Protectorate of Menoth’s Rainbow League fought bravely against the evil, vile, mean, persnickety forces of Khador, and lost. Darn red freezing robots. 😉
I present this slideshow of the carnage, as a memorial to the brave forces who were fiercely destroyed this morning at 3am. Nicia was taken out in the first turn, to my great displeasure because I didn’t even get to use her sword canon.
[portfolio_slideshow slideheight=300]

Video footage with a synopsis and what-I-wanted-to-do I’m sure will appear on the internet at some point in time. Much like this did.


I realized that I haven’t put up any pictures this week. I took some nice shots of one of our “sets” while we were filming last weekend, and I also painted another piece for my room. So I  figured instead of waiting and writing a post on each, and forgetting again, that I’d just put up some of the pictures from this week.

Feather Dream Catcher
New painting for my room: Feathery dream catcher



We eventually had the brilliant idea to bring down tea to sip between takes

Last night: Cupcakes!

Other things I did this week included a mad rage to move the Kurig off the Wobbly Table ™  and on to the nightstand that used to be in our room that I moved to the kitchen but that failed (it doesn’t work well for coffee in the morning apparently) because it was too short (I thought it was the perfect height…). So I’ll be moving that back somewhere today which is happy and sad. Happy I get my nightstand back, sad the coffee mess is back on the table and my pretty tablecloth that I made. 😛 Also, Valentines, cooking, menu planning (ew!), moving pictures around, and attempting to make the next scene of Living Memoir completely in Fireworks CS5 (work in progress today, we’ll see how that turns out).