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  • Living Memoir 6 {final}

    Living Memoir 6 {final}

    The end of the series. I could have drawn it out longer, but next month is kind of swamped and ending it here just felt right (and less repetitive). This scene is also made entirely in Fireworks CS5 – which decided to be really crashy today and took me a lot longer than it should…

  • Living Memoir 5

    Living Memoir 5

    I spent Friday and some of the wee hours of Saturday Morning making these scenes in Fireworks CS5 in hopes of continuing to move over to a digital/vector format (because painting, scanning, and having to completely re-paint everything digitally is a chore). Hopefully these will continue improving as I keep having “ah-ha!” moments at random…

  • Living Memoir Scene 4

    Living Memoir Scene 4

    Living Memoir Scene 4: Awakening  

  • Living Memoir, Scene 3

    Living Memoir, Scene 3

    Living Memoir 3: Motivation.

  • Living Memoir, Scene 2

    Living Memoir, Scene 2

    Scene 2 in the Living Memoir series: