• Life Happened

    Life Happened

    I have this familiar sense of needing to write – because all of the things happened – but not having enough coherent thoughts to put anything together. This happens a lot if I write infrequently, like I have been lately – lots of life happens in between posts and then I’m like, wait, what? So…

  • The Acceptance Chronicles: Armpit Hairs

    (there’s a slight backlog of comics because of last week’s posts. This one is the first in a series I started last Wednesday.)

  • Hair + Makeup Day One

    Hair + Makeup Day One

     Inspired by this tutorial from Beautylish

  • Rude and not ginger!

    Rude and not ginger!

    Actually, I’m neither of those things, anymore. I generally try my best not to be rude, but after two attempts, I feel confident in calling myself (finally) ginger! I dyed my hair a few days ago, using Revlon’s bright auburn but it didn’t really stick. I’ve had the hardest time finding a red that came…

  • Anniversary Leave

    Anniversary Leave

    Our 2nd anniversary is on Memorial day, so I probably won’t be posting until Tuesday. Today was warm, really warm – we might put in our AC soon – although now it’s drastically cooling down and we’re under a severe thunderstorm watch, so I’m almost shivering. I didn’t paint anything today, but I did exercise…

  • I may be just a tad excited

    I may be just a tad excited

    because….   I HAVE BLUE HAIR.   I feel like I can legitimately say “I’m an artist” now. I finally stopped telling myself “no” (giving myself permission to be creative with my hair, not just canvas)- and then Alex surprised me by setting up an appointment for me. I feel free and beautiful. I haven’t…