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  • Ghost Cat

    Ghost Cat

    Give Away Details from Clone Kiery:The owner at my local game store, Dirigo Hobbies is awesome and wanted to give away this vintage collection of YuGiOh trading cards because you guys are awesome and he’s pretty epic. So, to *win* the awesomeness…Like, subscribe (if you haven’t already), like KieryGeek and Dirigo Hobbies on facebook, and leave a comment…

  • KieryGeek Preproduction Note 5: In-between Episodes

    KieryGeek Preproduction Note 5: In-between Episodes

    I wasn’t sure how the new set up was really going to work until I tried it. As weird as it is not filming and releasing an episode every week (today would have been dedicated to writing and brainstorming) I’ve found that I’ve actually been able to come up with more creative ideas, and more…

  • KieryGeek Season Two

    KieryGeek Season Two

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  • KieryGeek: An Epic Giveaway!

    KieryGeek: An Epic Giveaway!

    If you watched the video, you heard about the giveaway. If you haven’t watched the video, watch it now… Sounds great, right? I thought I’d share the information here, so more people can join in the fun-ness! To win:First, you must hit the like button on the video. Then, Share the video via twitter, Facebook,…

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